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Whether you’re a blogger or a webmaster, losing your AdSense account can be a traumatic experience. You won’t get any explanation and you will never be allowed to rejoin. This site is dedicated to the discussion about the prevention, appeal, re-application, and alternatives to AdSense. Please register below and participate our Forums.


The Best Alternative to Google AdSense

If you’re banned from Google AdSense, don’t be disheartened. In fact, there are many more ways to monetize your websites. A year after my AdSense account was disabled, I’m making more money with my existing websites.

What’s the trick?

You might have heard of Affiliate Marketing. If not, Affiliate Marketing is to promote products (digital or physical) on your websites and earn a commission when the product is sold. The commission is as high as 75% of the sale price.

If a blogger makes a full-time living on the Internet, >90% of his/her income must come from Affiliate Marketing.

You can do affiliate marketing with the natural traffic to your existing websites by promoting relevant products. This is as simple as embedding a link in your blog. Or you can use pay-per-click and other people’s AdSense ads to promote the products.

Clickbank is the largest and most common place for affiliate to start. You’ll be approved instantly and can start looking for product to promote. You can join Clickbank by clicking here.

But, by all means, affiliate marketing is non-trivial. To avoid frustration and wasting time, it’s best that you start with some good training courses. Here’re two courses that I found very helpful.

To your success.

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