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Whether you’re a blogger or a webmaster, losing your AdSense account can be a traumatic experience. You won’t get any explanation and you will never be allowed to rejoin. This site is dedicated to the discussion about the prevention, appeal, re-application, and alternatives to AdSense. Please register below and participate our Forums.


In-text Advertising Enhances Your Revenue

You may have heard of an alternative to AdSense called in-text advertising

In-Text advertising inserts text link advertisements within the content of your blog. If you look at this website, you’ll see the double-underline hyperlinks. Upon a hover of the mouse, a floating informational bubble opens with content from an advertiser. If clicked, the visitor is directed to the advertiser’s landing page and you earn advertising revenue.

Because in-text advertising shows up in the main text of your blog, it has much higher click-through rate, comparing with AdSense. There are a few in-text advertising providers, to name a few, AdBrit, InfoLinks and Kontera. Among the three, InfoLinks seem to pay the highest.

You can join InfoLinks here.

Activating in-text advertising is simply inserting a javascript (supplied by the provider) like AdSense at the footer of your blog.

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SomiNo Gravatar Says: June 9th, 2009 at 3:01 pm

thanks for such great info about google adsense


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