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Whether you’re a blogger or a webmaster, losing your AdSense account can be a traumatic experience. You won’t get any explanation and you will never be allowed to rejoin. This site is dedicated to the discussion about the prevention, appeal, re-application, and alternatives to AdSense. Please register below and participate our Forums.


Protect your AdSense in Arbitrage

Google prescribed the official recipe to avoid being banned from AdSense. The shortened version of the ten commandments is shown below.

  1. Don’t click on your own Google ads. Use the AdSense preview tool.
  2. Don’t ask others to click on Google ads. Don’t tell your friends and family you’re making a living with a website. Their good intention may turn out to be fatal.
  3. Don’t employ pop-up prompts or automatic software installations.
  4. Be aware of how your site is promoted.
  5. Don’t place Google ads on sites that contain prohibited content.
  6. Respect Google trademarks.
  7. Don’t tamper with the AdSense code.
  8. Provide a positive user experience.
  9. Provide a good environment for advertisers.
  10. Be responsive to AdSense team email.

AdSense Arbitragers need to pay particular attention to No 4 and 8.  No. 4 is “Be aware of how your site is promoted. ” Naturally, arbitragers have to purchase traffic from somewhere. Google prohibits pages showing AdSense ads be loaded in an unrequested pop-up. Advertising with a low cost advertiser may turn out to be very expensive.

No. 8 talks about creating a positive user experience.  The common practice of “cookie preloading” in affiliate marketing, i.e. loading a product page in a 1 pixel frame, would be considered a deception to users.  Unfortunately cookie preloading is so AdSense bot friendly. You’ll be caught easily.

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